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How to Download Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version 2022

Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Music lovers know that nothing beats listening to your favorite song playlists when it comes to getting relaxed. Those who are always on the go, need their phone and internet connection, so any kind of audio content can entertain them at any time. All they need to do is pull out their headphones and listen to whatever mood will match what they’re doing- whether it’s driving or taking a break from work.

If you want to do that, however, you’ll need a fantastic music app that can offer you an extensive collection of songs to keep you entertained for hours upon hours. That’s why I’m telling you about Spotify Premium. This amazing music app gives access to your favorite artists’ new releases as well as podcasts perfect for spending time at home or commuting.

NameSpotify Premium
UpdatedJun 30, 2022
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Last version8.7.44.968
Size70.24 Mb
CategoryMusic & Audio
DeveloperSpotify Ltd
Google Play Linkcom.Spotify.music

Spotify Pro Apk Overview

You may already know this, but Spotify is an app for smartphones that allows Android users to access the best music on the go. What makes it different from other less impressive apps is its high-quality sounds and services available to all who love music.

That’s said, with Spotify, android users can take pleasure in the best audio quality when it comes to their favorite music or podcasts. This enables more satisfying and gratifying experiences when they plug in the headphones.

In addition to that, all of the songs in this app are neatly sorted out and categorized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. With its up-to-date library filled with popular tunes and the timeless classics that many people look for – it’s impossible not to love this app!

There are always so many surprises when you go searching through your Spotify playlist. Whether you’re looking for new things to experience or trying to rediscover an old playlist, there are thousands of songs waiting for you. Connected with a huge online community who loves music just as much as you do, sharing feelings about how great it is to listen has never been easier.

How does Spotify work?

If you’re new to music streaming platforms like Spotify, don’t be too confused. In today’s fast-paced society with our needs being prioritized, starting off with a service like Spotify is as easy as following these steps:

  1. Create a new Spotify account by visiting the website.
  2. Subscription tiers are available (Spotify free, Spotify Premium). Below, we’ll discuss the differences between the two.
  3. From the App Store or Google Play Store, you can download the Spotify app.
  4. Your account needs to be signed in after you open the app.


Listening to music has never been easier; all you need is this one app! Let me tell you about what’s inside.

Spotify Pro Apk Features

Spotify is an audio platform that offers over thirty million songs for you to stream worldwide. With its wide range of features, this app will surely meet all your needs. From the free version which provides unlimited access to whatever song you want from every artist or genre out there to the premium version which allows offline listening and no ads, Spotify truly has something for everyone.

A simple and easy music app for you to enjoy

For those new to this app, you’ll be able to experience all the features and listen to great music on Spotify within a matter of seconds. This is possible because it takes only a few minutes for first-time users to install and create an account on the app. Once done, listeners can enjoy hours of uninterrupted tunes from their favorite artists or explore various types of music too!

A huge library of music in various genres

As you open up the app, dozens of different music categories will be available for you to pick up and enjoy. With a huge library of different songs from various genres and artists, there are always some favorites waiting to be discovered among the many choices that are presented. You can search through these or explore – either way, there will be something satisfying waiting when it comes time to begin listening! In addition to this impressive collection of well-known tunes, it also provides users with an excellent way to listen to podcasts about pretty much anything they want! So whether you’re looking for something refreshingly new or something nostalgic, Spotify has got you covered!

Discover your favorite songs and podcasts

And to help you discover the huge library of audio on Spotify, the app also features a wide range of ways for you to find cool songs and podcasts. For example, you can start by going through the traditional way of finding music genres, albums, artists, and playlists. With these collections, it’s easy to find your favorite music with hundreds of songs available per category.

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in spending the time looking for your songs, Android users can collect their favorite playlists which contain different moods and activities. It would be great to discover new music and curated playlists that can either make your current state better or cope with it when necessary. Choose a playlist for working out, doing chores, studying, etc. Find yourself enjoying this brilliant music experience unlike anything else out there!

Have fun with the custom-made playlists just for you

For those of you who are interested, this app was designed to feature custom-made playlists that were handcrafted just for each person. It provides you with an option that allows you to enjoy amazing songs and podcasts which were selected based on your recent playlist activity. In turn, Android users can now experience personalized playlists featuring all the songs they love without having to search through Google Play Music or Spotify.

Create your playlists and share them with others

In addition to this, you can find out what your favorite songs are and add them to playlists. It’s alright if you make many different playlists so long as they contain all of the most well-liked tracks and podcasts. You can use these lists while listening solo or even share them with others around the world! Alternatively, you could also take a look at other people’s playlists – there are plenty available on the internet.

Enjoy your Spotify music on various platform

To make the app more useful and convenient, users are also allowed to enjoy Spotify on their mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, speakers, Chromecast- even PlayStation! This allows for a great music experience for people who use Android OS. Listen to whatever you want from your favorites-whether it’s your latest playlist or album or something old; they’re all at your fingertips no matter where you are!

Amazing songs and podcasts at the highest audio quality

Furthermore, alongside its impressive assortment of music and podcasts, you will also find that each song on Spotify is played at its peak quality. And users can enjoy the best soundtracks on their music app. Here, audiophiles can listen to high-quality tunes which are perfect for them when they put on their expensive headphones.

Download and enjoy your songs offline

Along with being able to stream, Spotify also lets users download what they want to listen to. Whether it be albums or podcasts – you will always have access to offline listening no matter where you are going or what device you are using. It’s never been easier than this!

Free to use

And although it has tons of great features, this app is still free for all Android users to use on their phones. That said, you can easily download and install Spotify from the Technical Masterminds without having to pay anything. If you want the premium version unlocked though, then you’ll need to subscribe first.

What’s Modded in the Spotify Premium

The Spotify Premium mod offers many features you won’t find in the free version. The development team known as MrDude, Balatan, and xC3FF0E created this masterpiece. Thanks for developing it!

In this section, we will detail all of the changes made by the developer team to Spotify:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect: Use your Facebook account to log in to Spotify or register for an account for quick access.
  • Visual Ads Blocked: Visual ads are blocked.
  • Audio Ads Blocked: Audio advertisements interrupt and interrupt the music experience very frequently; the modded version eliminates them too.
  • Seeking Enabled: With the premium mod, you can search the music playback bar and play whichever part of the song you choose to listen to.
  • Select and Play Any Song or Album: With this feature, you can play any album or any song from an album without being prompted to purchase the premium plan.
  • Unlimited Shuffle: Spotify free only offers shuffle music playback, while Spotify Premium lets you play all songs on the list with unlimited shuffle and songs.
  • Ability To Choose Any Song: No matter what album you play music from or where you go with an artist, you can choose any song or piece.
  • Extreme Audio Unlock: Spotify has the option of selecting between audio playback qualities, but the mod unlocks and allows you to play in the highest quality format.
  • Repeats Enabled: The free version does not allow you to repeat music. The Premium mod lets you listen to your favorite soundtrack repeatedly without any interaction.
  • Canvas Enabled: Spotify has introduced a great new feature for artists called Canvas. If the user is playing music and is in the now playing section, the album artwork can be displayed with a short video or animation.
  • Storyline Enabled: Spotify Storyline gives you insight into the music that’s currently playing, as well as lyrics, so you’ll feel a bit more connected to the artist when enjoying the music.
  • Support for Theme: By installing this mod, you’ll be able to customize the look and feel of the app through custom-designed themes.
  • Disable/Remove Unwanted Permissions, Receivers, and Services: Many unwanted permissions, receivers, and services were present in the application that overloaded the battery and overloaded the system. All of these have been deleted and disabled.
  • Analytics/Crash Reports Disabled: Spotify generates crash reports and analytical reports based on your app usage. This feature has been disabled to reduce memory consumption by apps.

How To Install Spotify Pro APK

It’s an easy process to download and install Apk files onto your device. All you need to do is follow the simple steps so that it’ll be a lot easier for you to get this app on your phone or tablet.

Spotify app for android

Because it is made for Android platforms, this application can be easily downloaded.

  1. Start by downloading Spotify’s mod version.
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, open the file manager and install it.
  3. Sign up for the app by opening it and clicking on it.
  4. You can now use this app’s premium version for free.

Spotify app for IOS

Since this Apk was designed for Android devices, you need to download an Android emulator if you wish to install it on an IOS device.

  1. Your computer needs to have Cydia Impactor installed.
  2. Make a copy of the Spotify premium apk file and place it in a folder.
  3. Select the device from the menu when the IOS device is connected to your PC.
  4. Then add Spotify Premium to Cydia Impactor by dragging it from the folder.
  5. Once the app is installed, you can us.
  6. Trust this device should be turned on. option.
  7. Now you can use the premium version of Spotify on your iOS device by opening the app and signing up.

Spotify Premium Apk on computer

You’ll need to go through the same steps because this Apk is made for Android devices. You can use an Android emulator on your PC by following these instructions and then downloading it using that emulator.

  1. First, download the BlueStack app on your computer.
  2. Download the apk file of Spotify Premium for your PC.
  3. You can open the downloaded file in Bluestack automatically once it has been downloaded.
  4. Download this Apk and install it on your computer.
  5. Start using Premium Spotify after installing it from Bluestacks.

It’s important to remember not to log in with your existing account, which means you’ll need to sign up with a new email address. 


You must first download and install the Spotify Premium mod on your Android device using the tutorial provided above. If you want to remove country restrictions and use Spotify Premium app for free on Android, you can follow our step-by-step guide here.

There are several modifications and hacks done to the original Spotify app in Spotify Premium. Without paying a subscription, Android users can access all Spotify Premium features for an unlimited period.

Using Spotify Premium on Android devices is entirely safe. We always check Android apps for viruses and malicious code before allowing them to be downloaded, installed, and used. There were no viruses or security problems with the Spotify Premium app.

In this case, you are probably trying to install the Spotify mod app on top of an already installed official Spotify app. To fix the issue, you must first completely uninstall the original Spotify app, then download the Spotify Premium app from the link given at the beginning of this article and perform a fresh installation. In the previous section, we have already provided a detailed installation tutorial.

A free account and a premium account are available on Spotify. You can listen to music offline, download albums, and download songs using different Spotify account types. If you use the Spotify mod app to bypass premium features and have a free Spotify account, you won't be able to download music. In order to listen to and download music offline, you need a Spotify Premium account as well.

It costs $9.99 per month to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Students can purchase student memberships for $4.99. You can also get the first three months of your subscription for under $3.99 if you take advantage of some special offers and discounts.


I will now list the steps necessary to download this premium version of Spotify on any given device. Simply follow these instructions and you can enjoy premium service completely free of charge. The steps are easy; simply download and install to listen to your favorite songs and albums without having to worry about anything else!


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