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How to Activate 3D Equalizer Mobile Speaker Sound | Free Fire, PUBG, BGMI Music Effects 2022


This little gem of an app boosts your speaker or headphone sound volume so you can hear what you want. It’s also useful for movies, audiobooks and music because it will let you play them at a high enough volume without distorting the sounds. This powerful Music Player has 3D surround sound, bass control, and EQ settings that make it much more accessible than ever before to find just the right way to tune in.

Playing audio loudly, especially for an extended period, can destroy speakers and/or cause hearing loss. Reports indicate that some have encountered blown-out speakers or earphones when listening at a high volume level. If you notice your sound is distorted, turn down the volume.

Immerse yourself in your favorite music with a 3D surround sound experience. Shape your listening pleasure using handcrafted equalizer presets tailored to each genre – or create your custom preset. Whether it’s streaming from the device or the cloud, take control of your music library and listen to all of your favorites – without even touching them!

It uses patent-pending 3D audio technology to deliver the most realistic and immersive music experience on ANY headsets! You can hear every aspect of the music, immersed within a 360-degree soundscape.

When you set the boost to 0, Volume Booster will turn off. The notification icon is only there for easier access. Make your own equalizer settings using the 16-band or 8-Band Equaliser. Enjoy magical 3D music with Android Auto support!

If you don’t want to see the little notification icon telling you Volume Booster is off, just go ahead and change it so that it appears only when Volume Booster is actually on. You can also set Hi-Res Audio to play in 3D Mode for an enhanced audio experience.


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