Home Insurance Solutions for Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioner

Solutions for Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioner

Solutions for Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioner

Home insurance is the best option for us to protect our house and properties. However, the case may be different with air conditioners; since every company might have different policies about it. We have good information about home insurance cover air conditioner; let’s check this out.

Home Insurance and Their Advantages

You might know about home insurance. Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance where you register your residence, asset, or individual’s belongings to gain protection from the insurer. The policyholders can claim the coverage in the form of property protection or liability coverage.

Homeowners’ insurance might cover all damage to external properties, internal properties, damage, or loss of personal belongings. Typically, home insurance cover air conditioner too. It is not only an air conditioner but also every HVAC system or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.

If you plan to insure your Air Conditioner with home insurance, they will offer you options for the coverage. There are three options:

  • Replacement cost that gives you payback cash for repair or replacement of the damaged property. 
  • Actual cash value which covers your properties based on the value of your property’s current age. 
  • Extended replacement cash gives you extra cash if the repair cost is more expensive.

When does Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioner?

Home insurance will protect your property; these are things they usually cover if your AC is broken:

1. Fire and Thunder

Fire accidents can be the reason for your broken AC; you can claim your coverage from home insurance. This also works with thunder. Thunder or lightning strikes are highly possible reasons for your AC to break.

2. Falling Trees

If there is a tree falling and breaking your AC. You can cover the damage. Home insurance will cover it based on the policy you bought.

3. Vandalism and Burglary

If your air conditioner is stolen or vandalized by someone, you can file the claim coverage. You might need to file a police report as a document for the crime and the damage.

When doesn’t Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioners?

Although home insurance will protect your property, there are cases in that home insurance won’t cover your Air Conditioner. These are things that home insurance won’t cover for your air conditioner:

1. Natural Calamities

Homeowner insurance usually doesn’t cover damage caused by natural catastrophes. This includes damage from earthquakes, hail, sinkhole, or flooding. However, you might get coverage from other types of insurance such as natural disaster insurance.

2. Normal Tear and Wear

You can’t claim coverage if your air conditioner broke because of old age. Home insurance also doesn’t cover your air conditioner if the damage is because of maintenance issues, lack of quality products, or even negligence.

3. Pests and Rodents

Pests and rodents usually cause problems by chewing electrical components of AC. They even build nests in ductwork and make the AC system not work. Unfortunately, home insurance doesn’t cover this problem because they consider this case as a lack of proper care.

How to File the Claim to Fix Your Air Conditioner

You need to submit files so home insurance cover air conditioner. Here are the steps:

1. Review Your Air Conditioner

You should take a picture of your broken AC. Don’t forget to write the unit model and its serial number. Then, estimate the deductible for the repair. Sometimes, the deductible and the cost of repair are just slightly different. As a result, it is not worth proceeding with the claim because it will cost more.

2. Collect the Evidence

You need some evidence to fix your AC. You may need the receipt of purchasing AC, information on the unit mode, or other necessary files. If you are dealing with vandalism, burglary, or other crimes, you should file a police report.

3. Submit the Files to Home Insurance

Then, you submit every file needed to home insurance. You might submit it online, by calling customer support or directly to the provider; it depends on the insurer system. 

4. Working with a Claim Adjuster

Before home insurance covers the air conditioner, they will send a claim adjuster. The claim adjuster will review your air conditioner and other broken properties you have reported. 

Then, they will estimate the total cost of repairing your broken properties. They may give you cover as replacement cash or actual cash value depending on the policy.

Example of Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioner

Many insurance companies protect personal belongings including Air Conditioners and other HVAC systems. Here are a few examples of home insurance cover air conditioners in the US.

1. Progressive

Progressive can cover the air conditioner. Most of the HVAC systems are dwelling insurance. However, some types of air conditioners, such as window AC will be considered as personal property insurance.

The personal property might give you less coverage than dwelling insurance. Therefore, if you have a window AC, it might not get as much repair cash as the central one.

2. Allstate

Allstate is also a home insurance cover air conditioner. It is similar to Progressive. The type of HVAC will be divided into dwelling type and personal property type. The dwelling type is like central AC, while the personal property type is like a window-based air conditioner.

Allstate will cover your AC if it is caused by hail or falling trees. If the repair cost is more than your deductible, you may ask for the claim. They will send a claim adjuster to estimate the cost. They will either repair cash or actual cash value depending on your policy.

3. State Farm

This insurance company protects your air conditioner. State Farm is a home insurance cover air conditioner that offers a standard protection policy. As long as the damage is caused by fire and thunder etc. They will cover your HVAC properties.

However, if your AC suddenly stops because of an electrical system or mechanical failure. State Farm will allow you to add your air conditioner as add-on coverage as home system coverage. You may need to ask your agent to add this policy.

Let’s Protect Your Assets Now! 

There are home insurance cover air conditioners out there. They will give you protection by giving you repairment cash or actual cash value based on your policy. Moreover, they cover the AC whether as dwelling coverage or personal coverage. Submit the files, unit’s model, and serial number to claim coverage to fix your AC.


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