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How to Download GHD Sports Apk Latest Version 2022

GHD Sports Apk Download Latest Version

If you’re looking to keep up with live sports games on your Android device, GHD Sports is the perfect app for you. With this app, you can watch all your favorite teams compete right from the palm of your hand, without paying expensive cable bills or even setting foot in front of a TV. Best of all, it’s completely free!

GHD Sports Apk Overview

GHD Sports app is a live sports TV application for Android users. This app offers various television channels broadcasting the game while they are happening so there is no delay in watching them happen. This app runs on little android resources because it is simple to use and its small size means it doesn’t take up much space on your phone. We’ve written this guide to show you how easy it can be to install GHD Sports Apk onto your Android device!

We have created the GHD Sports app for IPL 2022. Live cricket matches and updates on the match can be watched on your phone with this app. However, you will need to download the original apk from technical masterminds if you want to use it because we are not giving out any paid version of the app at present.

This is the best app we’ve found to watch IPL 2022 for free when comparing it to other streaming services. We have shared an even better APK on our website that can also be used to watch IPL 2022 for free if you would prefer it.

The GHD sports App is the best source for all my favorite TV shows, movies, sports games, and recent episodes. It needs a strong internet connection – either Wi-Fi or mobile data – to work properly but when connected it provides viewers with an enjoyable viewing experience of their favorite sports game.

GHD Sports‘ latest update is a comparatively smaller-sized app for your Android phone. It occupies less space in your device memory and does not slow down its speed of it either. This lets you install the app without worrying about it being too heavy for your phone’s capabilities.


App Name GHD Sports
Publisher APK GURU
Size 11 MB
Latest Version v9.1
Required 4.4 +
MOD Cricket & Football
Developer GHD Sports
Get it On Google Play
Update 7 hours ago

GHD Sports Features

We will go over what you already know about this application. We will go over each feature one at a time and explain them to you in detail.

1. Number of game channels

Sports may be one of the most popular things in this day and age. People spend time watching them on TV or on their phones (or other devices). Nowadays, there are so many channels dedicated to every sport imaginable – basketball, baseball, cricket, football, soccer, lawn tennis – so no matter what kind of sport you’re looking for you can find it! All these different sports being broadcasted 24/7 means it’s easier than ever before to keep up with your favorite teams and athletes from anywhere!

2. TV channels and movies

Even if you are a fan of films and television programs, it’s difficult to afford streaming services like Netflix or Hotstar! They have 3000+ different TV channels from all over the world!

The GHD Sports app has been keeping track of and logging over 3000 movies. If you’re wondering if a film is appropriate for you, you can check out the GHD Sports app. It also makes it easier for average people like you who are interested in seeing them but might not know where they are available.

3. 500 different Indian channels

You also get access to many Indian entertainment channels through Jio TV, Hungama TV, Pogo TV, and over 500 other channels! Indians and non-Indians alike will find something to enjoy here.

Indian dramas offer the most entertaining and comedic forms of entertainment, from the best-known channels to those lesser-known yet just as talented. All such shows can be found on GHD Sports Apk!

4. High-definition communication

Why would you want to pay for an expensive and overrated experience when you can have it all just waiting right at your fingertips? Streaming all the action from the comfort of your home is now possible with GHD Sports!

Almost every TV show and movie available on this app can be watched in HD, which will astound you. This means that rather than spending money on cable or Netflix, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about it!

5. Favorites list

All HD streaming channels

If you’re looking for an easy way to save some of your favorite movies and TV shows, stop by GHD Games! Add it to your favorites list for free and store it for later- this is a service that offers nearly every streaming service imaginable like Netflix and Hulu!

6. User-friendly interface

Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that gives you easy access to all of your favorite programs. By swiping left or right on the screen, you’ll be able to see what TV shows and movies are currently playing! Keeping up with your favorite shows doesn’t require stepping outside your home.

The App features everything an adult could want and allows them to watch their favorite movies and shows.

Mod Features

  • In addition to cricket matches, football matches, as well as the best leagues in the world, it offers all sorts of sports.
  • On GHD, you can also receive live updates on currently playing games and upcoming events.
  • There are also post-game highlights as well as live game scores.
  • The team and player numbers are displayed here as well.
  • No matter what language you speak, you can access all the live news regionally and internationally.
  • There are different languages available for all areas and wood sheets.
  • A great feature of this hotel is the extra currency exchange service. You can convert any type of currency, such as the Euro to the Dollar, and the other direction around.
  • There is nothing in the app that costs anything.
  • There are only 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and 8 for this episode.
  • Around the world, there are thousands of TV channels and radio stations that broadcast live.
  • Movies and series with subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Videos of high quality can be viewed.
  • X-Player, VLC, etc., are supported as external video players.
  • Make sure you find what you are looking for.
  • The video can be downloaded for later viewing.
  • The interface is straightforward and straightforward.
  • All the special content will be brought to you by a search engine with just a click.
  • There are thousands of free local and foreign articles available.

The software can be downloaded and installed on your computer if you would like to learn more about it. It’s an internationally recognized event that provides you with all of the excitement you’re looking for. Even though it’s free, feel free to register as a member – we’ll never disappoint you.


You know what it does now. Here are the most important things about it below. See if you think this app is worth using or not.

  • Live Channels:  Channels that are popular nationally and internationally can be integrated. Keeping track of local sporting events will guarantee you’ll never miss one.
  • Sports Updates:  As well as covering all popular sports events around the globe, it also covers international events. In addition to the IPL, ICC, PSL, and BPL, we also cover a wide variety of World Cup games like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and wrestling. Everything is free for you to enjoy.
  • Live TV – You will receive notifications of upcoming games when you download the GHD Sports app. As a result, they can be streamed via live TV from anywhere. When you have time, you can check back later if you are currently busy.
  • Live Score Update – You will get the current score even if you are not watching the game. Keeping track of all statistical information about a specific game is easy with this program.
  • Multiple Language Support – The English language is not the only language available. Several regional languages are prevalent in this country, such as Hindi, Tamil, Malay, Bengali, and many others.
  • Watch offline:  You can save the highlights for later viewing if you don’t have time to watch them right now. Data and time can also be saved by using it.
  • Easy to use: A simple user interface makes this application easy to use. There are different types of things that are well classified. This makes it easy for you to find the content you are looking for.
  • Watch live news: It will be easier for you to keep up with the latest news and watch live TV. You can choose what kind of mood you want to feel.
  • No ads:  Free app services do not require a subscription. Besides unnecessary advertisements, there won’t be any interruptions.
  • Covid-19 Update: There are many Corona Global Updates, such as Covid Visualizer. In order to keep you informed about the current outbreak.

How to download and install the GHD Sports Apk?

The app will give you a unique experience. If it’s not available in the Google Play Store, we have links where can download this for your device below! Follow these steps and install before completing the installation on android devices.

  1. You can enable unknown sources in Settings by going to “Unknown Sources”. Then enable the Security option under Security.
  2. You can download GHD Sports by going to your Android device’s download manager. Let’s get started with the download.
  3. On the mobile screen, there are two options. On your Android device, you just need to boot the operating system quickly in order to install it.
  4. Your mobile device will display a pop-up with options. There is a waiting period before it appears.
  5. You can now open the screen on your mobile device after all the downloads and installations are completed.

If GHD does not work

Sometimes the GHD Sports app just won’t work on your device. If you are always disconnected, then there could be a problem with either Internet connection or ISP service in general and not just one specific company’s network where this application was trying to connect remotely from!

If you’re still having trouble with GHD Sports on your device, check to make sure that there isn’t a good internet connection. If so and once again the app doesn’t work for whatever reason-Delete previous data from within its menu options then try downloading it again!

To play GHD games on your phone, you can use a VPN. If the app is not already running and there are restrictions in place against it because of government intervention or something similar with another country’s laws then using this will help get around those difficulties so that everything runs smoothly while providing security for yourself when browsing online from anywhere at any time!

Adjust resolution in GHD games

The Indians are always looking for ways to watch their favorite sports teams and events, so we’ve made it easy with our wide selection of streaming services. You can enjoy HD video without any buffering or interruption on TV! Plus you’ll have access in UHD when available – perfect if soccer is your game (and who isn’t?). We also offer lower-quality options that won’t take up too much space either way-you might want them later down the line anyway because sometimes there’s nothing better than catching up after work hours.

With the ability to customize subtitles in your native language, you’ll be able to enjoy foreign-language TV shows and radio stations from around the world.

The device has been reported to work well even with external video players like VLC and MX Player.

Users can track all live activities without any limits

In order to ensure the best video quality, this app streams videos at various resolutions. You can enjoy 360p-1080i 4k streaming if your internet connection allows it!

GHD Sports is the ultimate TV guide for all your needs. You can find what to watch today, tomorrow’s highlights, and even discover new shows that are coming soon!

Other than being an all-around great game, GHD has some other cool features that make it even more popular. If you try out this app yourself and find other interesting things from the games mentioned above then let me know!

What are the profits and consequences of downloading Apk directly?


  • There are a variety of different app versions available for download from a third-party website. You can have access to most, if not all your desired apps in one place with this service!
  • Having to wait for the review process is part of the Play Store, but downloading an app instantly makes it worth doing.
  • After downloading, there’s a file on your phone. So you can uninstall and reinstall them many times without having to download them again!


  • You might think downloading apps from third-party sources is okay because Google doesn’t check this, but it can actually harm your phone in many different ways.
  • The security of your phone is important to you and it can be compromised if there are viruses in the APK files.
  • For some apps, it can be hard to get your favorite updates because they don’t automatically go onto the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you search for an APK file on technicalmasterminds.net, we check if it's available in Google Play and allow users to download it directly from our server. If the app doesn't exist or has been removed by later developers then yours will be found inside of ours!

Certain devices' systems need to be accessed by applications. An application's permissions will be displayed once it has been installed.

Yes! This is a safe and secure application for every user. If you are under age or anything else, then we will allow you access to the content on our app as long as it doesn't involve any kind of infringement against third-parties rights (like copyright laws).

It's always a great time when you can enjoy your favorite sports with the people who matter most- especially if they are free! With GHD Sports Apk, watching IPL and other events has never been easier. All we need now is some good old-fashioned couch potato action so let us get right into downloading this app onto our device of choice...


The GHD Sports app is a great way to watch live sporting events and TV shows from all over the world. You can stream them on your phone, tablet, or laptop while they are happening! The quality of video streams varies depending upon how strong your internet connection speed is- so if someone doesn’t have super fast carrier waves streaming won’t be an issue for them at all (in fact it might even look better than what would otherwise video).


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