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Universal Property Claims & All About Universal Insurance Products

Universal Property Claims & All About Universal Insurance Products

You should think about buying insurance if you own a car, house, or some other property. To make personal finances more efficient and secure, you should immediately buy property insurance. Many people have provided testimonies that Universal Property Claims provides a fast response service.

To know more about Universal Insurance Company, please keep reading the article below. The information provided will help those of you who are looking for property insurance.

Overview of Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Universal Insurance Company or better known as UPCIC (Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company) originates from Florida. The company was established in 1997 to be precise. As a public company, UPCIC has also contributed 10% to all homeowners’ insurance policies.

Upon further investigation, UPCIC is part of the publicly-traded company Universal Insurance Holdings. As a subsidiary company, UPCIC also carries out all aspects of insurance such as distribution, claims, and underwriting.

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance can be said to be an experienced insurance company because it has been in business for more than 20 years. There are as many as 18 states in the United States that get coverage from the Universal Property Insurance Company.

Products Offered by UPCIC

Below are several types of insurance offered by UPCIC. Please pay close attention so you can choose the best protection for the property you have.

1. Homeowner Insurance

The house is the most essential property because it is a place to rest and shelter from all kinds of weather. It would be a wise and smart move if you insure this most important aspect. You can choose a Homeowner’s Insurance Product if you want to get comprehensive coverage for your home.

Universal Property claims that you might get if you choose this product include losses from theft, fire, wind, and many others. Generally, homeowner’s insurance not only compensates for physical damage to the house but also the items in it.

If your family or other people are injured due to damage to your home, the insurance provider will provide legal liability. Homeowners insurance is an excellent solution for protecting your home and everything in it.

2. Personal Auto Insurance

All of you who live in the 18 states of the United States which are the coverage area of the Universal Insurance Company, protect your vehicles with personal auto insurance. The coverage that you might get is compensation for lost or stolen vehicles and repair costs for damaged cars.

Typically, Personal Auto Insurance will also cover the cost of injury to others or damage to property caused by the vehicle you insured. The insurance provider will provide coverage even if you are not the one driving the car.

Even if you are a careful driver, you can’t go wrong with buying this protection. Accidents can occur due to other drivers. If this bad thing happens to you, you can breathe easy because your finances won’t be shaken by expensive car repairs.

Bear in mind, you have to pay a deductible when buying Personal Auto Insurance. The deductible is personal money that you must spend every time you make a claim. As a consumer, you can determine your deductible. However, if you choose a lower deductible, as a consequence, you will get a high monthly premium rate.

3. Condo Insurance

Even though they have a house to live in, some people also have condo properties. The property can be used for personal residence or even rented out to generate income. The condominium needs to get regular maintenance and all components and equipment are in good condition.

Universal Property claims that you can get if you buy Condo Insurance are guest medical expenses. If a guest is injured in an accident while in your condo, the insurance company will cover the medical expenses. 

Another policy that is also commonly given by Condo Insurance is the freedom to choose the type of personal property coverage. Hence, the insurance company will give money from your policy after the total losses incurred. The following is the coverage in question:

  • Actual cash value which is the depreciated value of the damaged items.
  • Reimbursement coverage fee. This fee will replace the cash value of the damaged item without depreciation. Hence, the money you receive is equal to the actual value of the item.
  • Taking into consideration that all coverage given has a certain limit. You will get the maximum indemnity based on the claims covered. Moreover, you also have to pay the deductible before filing a claim.

4. Dwelling Fire Insurance

Universal Insurance Company also offers Dwelling Fire Insurance products. This insurance product will provide compensation if the house catches fire. You can buy protection not only for the house you live in but also for your other homes that are not lived in.

Why is it necessary to buy Dwelling Fire Insurance? Fire is a disaster that is prone to occur due to many factors. These factors include negligence when using flammable equipment, electrical short circuits, or fires from adjacent houses.

The potential loss due to fire is enormous because it can burn all the items in the house. Even worse, the fire can also engulf your parked vehicle at home.

You will get many benefits by buying Dwelling Fire Insurance. Typical coverage provided includes damage from fire, explosion, vandalism, heavy wind, hail, and snow.

5. Renters Insurance

If you are a landlord, it is better to buy renters insurance. This insurance will protect the property that you rent as well as protect the tenants who live in the apartment or house. The landlord’s renters insurance policy is entitled to compensation for property damage caused by smoke, fire, and various situations.

Goods damaged due to damage to waterways will also be covered for compensation. In addition, insurance companies also provide temporary living expenses.

Temporary living expenses coverage will be provided if the house or apartment you insured is damaged or is under renovation. Hence, the occupants of the house or apartment can find a temporary place to live.

What Do You Think about Universal Property Claims?

Many customers of the Universal Insurance Company give testimonials of satisfaction with the services provided. Moreover, Universal Property claims also provide a concise procedure so you don’t have to wait long. Which Universal Insurance product can meet your needs?


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