Home Insurance Safeco Home Insurance Quotes: Dig Deeper into the Coverages Provided!

Safeco Home Insurance Quotes: Dig Deeper into the Coverages Provided!

Safeco Home Insurance Quotes Dig Deeper into the Coverages Provided!

Home is a valuable asset so it needs to get maximum protection. Insuring your home enables you to no longer incur a lot of maintenance costs, renovations, or even replacement severe damage due to disasters. Safeco home insurance quotes are worth considering because it offers comprehensive coverage.

Keep reading this article to get to know more about Safeco. The discussion below will dive deeper into Safeco’s home insurance coverage. Without further ado, let’s check it out!

About Safeco at a Glance

Selective Auto and Fire Ensurance Company of America or more familiarly called Safeco is an insurance company from the United States. Safeco will be 100 years old in 2023 because this insurance company was established in 1923. 

Safeco is headquartered in Seattle, Washington DC, USA, and is a subsidiary of A Liberty Mutual Company which is also an insurance company. As an insurance company that has been able to maintain its existence to this day, it makes Safeco worth relying on in protecting homes, autos, motorcycles, boats, and watercraft.

Safeco Home Insurance

Understanding that a house is an essential asset, Safeco is here to provide home insurance. Home insurance product from Safeco has comprehensive coverage which consists of standard coverage and additional coverage. Please take a look at the explanation of the two types of coverage below.

1. Standard Coverage

You will get four standard coverages when you purchase Safeco home insurance. Please read carefully these coverages to provide a more complete understanding of the insurance product you are about to buy.

a. Personal Property Coverage

Following the name of the coverage, personal property coverage will cover compensation for damage or loss of your personal belongings. These personal items include clothing, furniture, and other household items. Usually, these personal items are damaged due to fire, flood, or other natural disasters.

If the incident occurs to you, Safeco will replace or repair the items. This coverage will provide peace of mind and relief for you.

b. Personal Liability Coverage

Safeco home insurance quotes also offer personal liability coverage. This coverage can prevent you from major losses as a result of getting a lawsuit. These lawsuits can be filed by third parties who accidentally have an accident in the property area that you insure and cause bodily injury.

Additionally, Safeco home insurance will also replace your property which third parties damage. No less interesting and important than personal liability coverage is that Safeco provides compensation if you accidentally damage property in someone else’s home.

c. Dwelling

The next coverage that is very useful for you who live in disaster-prone areas is dwelling. How could it not, this standard coverage from Safeco will indemnify your home in the event of a fire, windstorm, sleet, snow, lightning, or hail. These bad weather conditions can damage the house so it needs repairs and renovations.

Not only providing compensation for natural disasters, but dwelling coverage will also cover losses due to vandalism, theft, and many others.

d. Personal Property Replacement Cost

Personal property replacement cost is the coverage in the form of actual cash provided by the insurance provider to the policyholder. You will get the actual cash value at full cost in the current market.

2. Additional Coverage

You should also consider some of the additional coverage that Safeco home insurance provides. This additional coverage will provide extra protection and protect your finances from being compromised.

a. Valuable Articles Coverage

Safeco home insurance quotes offer additional coverage of valuable articles. Additional coverage is suitable for those of you who have a large collection of valuable items such as fine art, jewelry, camera equipment, and other collectibles. If the valuables are stolen or damaged, you will get compensation.

b. Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Mechanical or electrical damage to home appliances can disrupt your daily life. Furthermore, the repair of the damage is expensive. For all equipment to work normally, you can provide equipment breakdown coverage on home insurance. Safeco only offers about $2 per month extra if you want to get this additional coverage.

c. Service Line 

Another additional coverage that you can choose from is the service line. You will get line water treatment without spending much. By choosing this additional coverage, you no longer need to pay for replacing new pipes, excavation, labor, or outdoor pipes that are damaged and leaking.

d. Single Loss Deductible

Almost all insurance requires consumers to pay a deductible as a condition for filing a claim. To be more economical and not have to pay multiple deductibles, you can consider the single loss deductible coverage.

This coverage enables you not to have to pay other policy deductibles if you have already paid for the home deductible. A single loss deductible is valid if the house suffers significant damage and the loss is included in the coverage of Safeco home insurance.

e. Extended Dwelling Coverage

Even though standard coverage provides dwelling compensation, it can’t go wrong if you also buy additional coverage for extended dwellings. This coverage enables you to extend your stay in a temporary place due to the condition of the house which is still habitable.

This condition can occur due to natural disasters resulting in increased demand for construction workers or building materials. As a consequence, reconstruction costs soared and insurance policy limits were inadequate.

f. Identity Recovery Coverage

Identity theft usually takes a very long recovery process. Moreover, the costs incurred are also very expensive and time-consuming. In order to calm your mind and your finances to remain stable, you can buy identity recovery coverage. Interestingly, Safeco offers this additional coverage for only $1 per month.

g. Guaranteed Repair Network

Purchasing additional guaranteed repair network coverage allows you to connect easily with qualified experts. You can get smooth, fast repairs, guaranteed labor, and materials guaranteed by Safeco.

Are You Interested in Getting Safeco Home Insurance Quotes?

To sum up, Safeco home insurance quotes provide comprehensive standard coverage for protection. If you consider that the condition of your home and the environment around where you live is prone to disasters or losses, the solution is to purchase additional coverage.

Safeco’s additional coverage will provide extra protection and many other conveniences. Interestingly, the extra charge rate for additional coverage comes up with an affordable price.


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