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Atlanta Insurance Agencies for the Best Living Choice

Atlanta Insurance Agencies for the Best Living Choice

Living in Atlanta is quite expensive. Then, purchasing insurance might be the way to manage finances to get more savings. This article will review Atlanta insurance agencies to help you determine which insurance policy and which insurance agencies are the best choice for you in Atlanta.

How is Living in Atlanta?

Before knowing about the top Atlanta insurance agencies, we should know better about Atlanta itself. Atlanta is located in Fulton County and is one of Georgia’s top locations to live. 

It has an estimated population of 492,204 people. Living in Atlanta provides inhabitants with an urban vibe, and most locals lease their homes. Atlanta is also slowly but steadily gaining people from all over the country due to its warm winters and reasonable housing.

The city is reacting to this new inflow of people (particularly millennials) by catering to their desires with innovative city-wide initiatives and public spaces.

Based on the data that Numbeo summarized, the average living cost in Atlanta is severely high. Without rent, the anticipated monthly fees for a household of four are $4,280.3. Besides, a single person’s monthly expenses are expected to be $1,196.2 without rent. Atlanta is 22.8% cheaper than New York (without rent).

Furthermore, Atlanta has rehabilitated some previously depressed communities throughout the city. It has resulted in the good, like Ponce City Market, and the bad – an increased cost of living. The average cost of living in Atlanta is slightly above the U.S. average, thanks partly to a rise in home prices.

Some research also says that the cost of homeowners in Atlanta is about $404,861, while the national average is about $365,616.  

3 Insurance Agencies in Atlanta

So which company offers the best insurance in Atlanta? Keep reading this section to find the answer! 

1. State Farm 

The first best Atlanta Insurance agency is the State Farm. State Farm is well-known across the United States. It is the leading auto insurer in 33 states and the largest homeowners insurer in 39 states. 

State Farm is an excellent insurance agency, especially if you need many policies. State Farm is additionally a perfect option for consumers who want the ease of controlling their insurance plans online.

However, State Farm has garnered great feedback for its mobile app, which allows customers to pay bills, file claims, and obtain roadside assistance. 

Besides, the agency offers a variety of insurance products at lower-than-average prices, including auto, home, renters, condo, and life insurance. Somehow, there are also available discounts the company offers for the customers.

For the quote, State Farm offers auto insurance is about  $417 per year for basic coverage and $1,045 for complete coverage. The average cost of it is about $35 every month.

Somehow, among major insurers, State Farm has the lowest renters insurance premiums. Its renter’s insurance cost is about $156, and the monthly average of State Farm’s renter’s insurance is about $13 every month. 

The homeowner’s insurance quote this agency offers for basic coverage is about $800 every year and $1,331 for dwelling coverage. The homeowner’s insurance’s average cost is about $800. Furthermore, the quotes it offers are various, and you can check them online. 

2. Liberty Mutual 

One of the best Atlanta insurance agencies is Liberty Mutual. This company is one of the most prominent auto and house insurance carriers in the United States, with a wide range of products. Many Liberty Mutual insurance reviews support the company’s strong customer service reputation.

Liberty Mutual provides insurance for motorcycles, cars, landlords, floods, property, boats, and life. 

In addition to a beautiful range of savings, Liberty Mutual provides useful supplemental coverage kinds. For instance, there is a deductible fund that reduces a driver’s deductible by $100 for every year they go without a claim.

Liberty Mutual’s valet claims the program is available to policyholders having rental reimbursement coverage. If your automobile is damaged but still drivable, a valet driver will deliver you a rental car and then drive your vehicle to and from the technician for repairs.

Teachers may find Liberty Mutual to be an excellent alternative. If a teacher’s car is vandalized during school-related events, the company will cover the deductible (if someone stole the school-owned things while in the car). Moreover, they will receive up to $2,500 in reimbursement.

Furthermore, in June 2022’s NerdWallet survey, Liberty Mutual ranked above average in the overall worth and online experience. Customers gave this company an online experience score of 77.1/100 and a general satisfaction score of 78.7/100.

The further details on the quotes, Liberty Mutual, allows the customer to check it online.

3. Travelers 

Travelers insurance agency might be another best choice for you looking for Atlanta insurance agencies, specifically for auto and home insurance. 

Travelers was established in 1864 and is now one of the significant property and casualty insurance firms in the US, with offices in 43 states, including Atlanta and Washington, D.C. 

The company offers a variety of discounts, as well as safe driving software that can help drivers conserve money. 

Travelers competes with other major insurance firms by providing conventional collision, complete, and liability coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), unlicensed and injured motorist coverage, and hospitalization coverage. 

Travelers’ auto insurance was ranked sixth out of the 15 firms polled. Customer service satisfaction and claims received the best marks. In general, female respondents and those in Generation X gave the company higher ratings. 

In short, Travelers auto insurance customers were generally pleased with their experience. In addition, the average cost of a Travelers insurance agency is about $112 monthly in premium packages.

Withal, the average cost of Travelers based on age grouping for the teenager is about $325. 20s is about $141, 30s is about $108, 40s is about $101. What about the elderly? $97 is for 60s and 50s is about $96.

Furthermore, Travelers’ home insurance is moderately priced and provides a variety of customization possibilities. The average cost of Travelers’ home insurance is about $223 every month for premium packages.

Investing in Insurances for Better Live in Atlanta

Even though living in Atlanta, Georgia, is regarded as more expensive than living in other USA countries, we can outsmart the way to decrease the outcome by choosing and purchasing insurance from trustworthy Atlanta insurance agencies. So, let’s invest in insurance right now!


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