Home Insurance What is Pressure Washing Liability Insurance? Here’s The Explanation

What is Pressure Washing Liability Insurance? Here’s The Explanation

What is Pressure Washing Liability Insurance Here’s The Explanation

Pressure washing is the most popular service for cleaning your house or property. It’s a profitable business that anyone needs. Especially those busy doing their job instead of cleaning their property. The pressure washer seems like a job with minimum risks. But they still need pressure washing liability insurance. 

A pressure washer, high-pressure cleaner, or jet cleaner is a cleaning tool that uses high-pressure water. While using this tool, the sprayed water will be solid so that it can be used to clean the yard, carpets, and even vehicles.

One of the water pressures you may have seen is often used by firefighters, military vehicles, and police vehicles equipped with water cannons. The goal is to protect yourself and others from harm.

You may need clarification on the relationship between water pressure and insurance. So, in this article, we will explain pressure washing liability insurance and why this insurance is needed. Check out the full explanation below.

Why Does Pressure Washer Need a Liability Insurance? 

Pressure or power washing uses a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, dirt, mildew, mud, grime, and dust from surfaces. It is also functional for objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

Pressure washers usually use water with high pressure. It may seem harmless since it’s just water, but the high-pressure water can slice through anything. Many YouTube videos have shown how high-pressure water can cut iron, glass, and wood. 

High water pressure can undeniably clean dirt on your property, such as walls, fences, and other home furniture. But, high water pressure can still be dangerous, especially for property. It can damage properties that you want to clean with a pressure washer.

Water pressure can also hurt other people. Not a few cases of people who ended up injured due to exposure to water with high pressure.

What Kind of Risks Can Happen to Pressure Washers? 

If you work as a pressure washer or run a pressure washing business and still don’t have liability insurance, you should take note of the risks that can happen to the pressure washer. These risks commonly happen to pressure washers, take a look closer.  

  • A strong spray from a pressure washer may result in serious injury. Initially, the wound you get can be tiny, so this seemingly small wound is easy to ignore. But, minor wounds can make someone delay treatment and increase the risk of disability, infection, or amputation.
  • Its fast and powerful bursts can throw objects that hit and injure other people who are nearby. The seemingly little water pressure can split metal.
  • Electric shock is one of the risks that you can experience when working with high-pressure water. This can happen if the pressure washer is used without following the safety instructions and is incorrectly used. Using a small gasoline-powered engine can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Workers must only use equipment powered by a gasoline engine inside buildings or other partially enclosed spaces if the gasoline engine can be located outdoors and away from air inlets.

Types of  Pressure Washing Liability Insurance

There are some types of pressure washing liability insurance. Let’s check this out!

1. General Liability Insurance 

These claims are available to your business against third-party bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injuries. You can add a notarization of liability to your homeowner’s policy if your business is based outside your home. This will be much more economical than having to buy a separate policy.

2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Most states require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for employees.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance covers damage to your business premises and goods in it, including property damage due to vandalism, damage and natural disasters, and various problems that cause damage to your property.

4. Business Interruption Insurance

The existence of a large-scale pandemic disaster like three years ago has brought many businesses to a standstill. Lost income is an example of when your business is unable to operate due to a disaster. But, don’t worry because business interruption insurance covers lost revenue if you are temporarily closed due to disaster damage.

5. Commercial Car Insurance

This commercial car insurance covers the cars used for your business. If there is damage due to an accident or other things, this insurance will cover it.

6. Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s technological era, your computer and smartphone will only partially secure. Not surprisingly, there are many crimes with various modes, for example, breaking into mobile banking or something else. Therefore, this insurance provides coverage to replace your money.

7. Coverage of Employee Dishonesty

There is also insurance to cover employee dishonesty. This insurance compensates for losses or losses that you get because of dishonest employees.

Recommended Pressure Washing Liability Insurance

Are you looking for the best pressure washing liability insurance? Then, let’s see the recommendations below. 

1. CoverWallet

This pressure washing liability insurance covers advertising harm, property damage, bodily injury, libel or slander, and professional error with coverage of up to $50,000.


This is a one-stop shop for you who need pressure washing liability insurance that helps you cover accidents, injuries, legal fees, and damaged vehicles. The coverage of NEXT insurance is up to $1 million. 

3. Thimble 

Thimble is the best-known pressure washing liability insurance. They can help cover bodily injury, including medical expenses, property damage, and personal and advertising injury. In Thimble Insurance, you can choose liability coverage between $2 million and $1 million. 

4. Hiscox 

Hiscox is a big and stable company with coverage offering in 49 states. It provides explicit insurance for businesses. They also provide you coverage up to $300.000 with affordable quotes. 

Ready To Run Your Pressure Washer Business? 

So, that’s all about pressure washing liability insurance that you will need when running a business or job as a pressure washer. Maybe this job looks simple and harmless because it only cleans with water. But this job can be hazardous if you are just a little negligent.If you intend to start a pressure washer business, ensure you have pressure washing liability insurance to protect your business and workers.


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