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How to Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone 2022 Secret Trick

How to Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Mobile Phone

Whats Web is a great way to backup and manage your WhatsApp messages. You can use two WhatsWeb accounts on the same device, which means that if one gets corrupted or deleted for whatever reason then there’s another copy of everything waiting on you!

This application gives you the ability to save your favorite WhatsApp messages and use them later. What’s even better? You don’t need any special permissions or settings, it works seamlessly with Facebook Messenger so no matter how many different apps are running in tandem on a phone this one will always take priority!

By providing the following features, this application is able to do all of the above.

This app also provides features for scanning QR codes, generating them from the text (which you don’t want to send directly or reuse multiple times). You can use the default scanner without downloading any other apps on your phone!

Whats Web

Clicking this will redirect you to a QR code. Simply scan it with a WhatsApp web scanner, which allows for another account in the app!

The click of a button gives you the ability to scan any QR Code. You can also use this generator, which will prompt for text and convert it into an image that machines can read! The possibilities are endless when using these two tools in tandem – all without having to share your data with anyone else again because only YOU know what’s best about YOUR business.

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