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How to Change Voice During Calls | Male/Female Voice Changer 2022 By Technical Masterminds

How to Change Voice During Calls

Get the BACKGROUND VOICES on it to make it even more fun. If you’re talking to friends on a call, you can use rain sounds, happy birthday background sounds, traffic noise, and music concert backgrounds.

  1. Change your voice in real-time while on the phone. For example, change your voice to sound feminine, like a kid, or to sound cartoony.
  2. When on the phone, change voices
  3. First-time registrants will receive FREE credits
  4. Before you make the call, test your voice
  5. Making a funny call is the cheapest way
  6. Add sound emoticons, such as kisses or claps. During the call.

Introducing the Premium Application from Technical Masterminds (Techy Aman Lalani)

You can change voice types in the call app, such as changing voice to female, cartoon, or male. It allows you to:

  1. Voice is changed to female
  2. Put a male voice on
  3. Imagine yourself as a cartoon
  4. Making a normal call is as simple as choosing the Normal Voice option
  • Click on the voice you want to hear. You can choose from male, female, and cartoon voices, for instance.

The background can be selected. Some examples are Happy Birthday, Traffic, Rainy Background, Music Concert.

  • Dial a number or select a contact
  • MagicCall will now begin
  • After the Voice changer connects, your voice will be converted to the selected voice.
  • In the event that the call is connected, the voice changer will transform your speech into the selected voice. Following that, you can have fun listening to your friend’s funny responses and reactions. TechncialMasterminds.com is an Official Website By Aman Lalani, which features technology videos, tech articles, and reviews related to video games, applications, gadgets, and tech news. The Complete Guide to the World of Technology. Technical Mastermind posts a new article every day.



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