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How to Convert Any Mobile into iPhone 12 Pro || Amazing Mobile Software 2022

Convert Any Mobile into iPhone 12 Pro

iOS 12 helps make your phone simpler and prettier. It sets a new standard for the iOS mobile operating system- now your device becomes better than ever! And with all these amazing things coming out of it, you’ll never want to go back to anything else.

With iOS 13, your phone has never been more intelligent or personal than it is now. You can use 3D touch to do anything from opening shortcuts to uninstalling apps.

Change app icon from Gallery, Icon Pack: App settings. Choose an app icon from Gallery or Icon Pack for the app you want to change. Check the box labeled Enable Auto Rearrange Apps. Go back to the Home screen and enable 3D Touch (hard press on screen). Tap the Edit menu then tap Delete App Item at the bottom of the menu list.

Added Batteries widget. Added function to change icon layout and size of icons will be set back to default crop & automatic save. Now your phone is better than ever! It has unlimited potential for customization using the launcher on your phone!

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