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How to Enable Auto Reply on WhatsApp Messages | 2022 Most Useful Tutorial


Have you ever wanted to automatically answer those annoying WhatsApp messages? Well now you can! There are so many customization options included in this chatbot. This will give your friends an idea of what you can do, so don’t wait any longer to download it.

Notification access: the app only responds to notifications. Location permission: auto-reply includes current location information when possible. If you are experiencing problems with this bot, you should update your WhatsApp messenger to the latest version.

Features include auto-responding to WhatsApp messages, individual customization and many automation tools, Reacting to all messages when busy, sending replies only to specific message senders. These features are great for a small business with little time on its hands.

Almost anything is possible with this bot, but it’s still in beta mode. More features are coming soon! Media files such as pictures and videos cannot be sent at the moment, but this feature might change in future updates. If the app crashes for some reason, please contact me about it!

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It is possible to add Emojis to your keyboard or copy them from WhatsApp so you can use these tips and tricks. This doesn’t work for Whatsapp Web, but does for tablets if it has a qwerty keyboard. Dual/Clone WA apps can also do this – again depending on what functions they provide – but will not work with WhatsApp Business.

To download, click the link above

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