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How to Hide Chat Name While Using WhatsApp | 2022 New Amazing Tips Tutorial

How to Hide Chat Name While Using WhatsApp

Hide Chats & Secure Phone from Onlookers, Peepers & your Boss who keeps an eye on your phone. Hide passwords, hide payment & finance apps with secure phone curtain.

This app lets you hide your private content in public areas like bus or metro. Now you will feel easy to chat by putting the mask on your screen. Its It’s best and useful application while traveling to hide a chat name while text with your friends or family members.

Suppose you are traveling in a bus or metro and you are chatting with someone on your mobile but the person sitting next to you keeps looking on your mobile, now this is the perfect time to put the curtain on your live chat from the onlooker.

Hide Whatsapp Chat is Free & Works without Internet. It unique digital App designed for android users to maintain privacy, while having a private conversation on their smartphones. It has already crossed million number of users who are using it.

It is a privacy filter privacy protector specially crafted for Facebook Messenger, LINE and WhatsApp. About us, it is an real website where user can get all latest Tech Informative articles, Helpful Videos Tutorials. New Articles are posted everyday. Follow us on Instagram & on YouTube by searching Technical MasterMinds.

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No need to remove internet connection or activate offline mode it provides a beautiful design and a simple to use interface where you can easily access messages and even sort them by messenger. All your favorite chats at one place, where you can finely sort them by app.


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