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How to Set PUBG/FreeFire Game in Mobile Keyboard | Awesome Phone Tutorial


A variety of special themes are available for use on your phone or tablet to make typing easier and more enjoyable. These include cute, inspirational, seasonal themes, and more! There are also many different keyboard layouts to choose from that can simplify typing further. All this makes me want to type all day long!

Some of our most popular designs include the fire lion keyboard, flames burning keyboard, cheetah keyboard, true love keyboard, clownfish keyboard, water wave keyboard, storm keyboard, and rain keyboards.

Personalized keyboard with all-in-one feature

s. The only keyboard that perfectly combines beautiful animations of a high-quality auto-correction algorithm for your every need.

If you’re looking for something to make your device stand out, why not try this application? It offers features like auto-corrections and 800+ emojis that are enough to keep anyone entertained. It also has things like personal fonts, sound effects, different fonts to choose from as well as 20 languages which makes it a must-have for all those who speak foreign languages.

Our keyboard themes have been crafted with the utmost care, giving our users the most immersive experience possible. Keyboards are the first custom android keyboards to bring you the coolest-looking themes that combine stunning graphics with beautiful animations.

Our auto-correction algorithm allows you to type quickly and accurately even if you haven’t practiced much. Your personal experience isn’t complete without customizable fonts or sound effects. Every theme comes with its own font and sound, but you can always make changes if needed.


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