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How to Play PUBG Game in OFFLINE Mode 2022 Most Amazing Trick Ever By Technical Masterminds

How to Play PUBG Game in OFFLINE Mode 2022

The application provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet – no root is required. Applications and addresses can individually be granted or denied Internet and/or Wi-Fi access.

The following benefits can be gained from blocking internet access: Reduced data usage, battery savings, and increased privacy

The following features:

  • Easy to use
  • The root is not required
  • Open-source software 100%
  • No home calls
  • Analytics or tracking is not available
  • Advertisements are not allowed
  • Develops and supports actively
  • Supported on Android 5.1 and later
  • TCP/UDP support for IPv4/IPv6
  • It is possible to tether
  • Having the option of allowing when the screen is on
  • When roaming, you can optionally block
  • Blocking system applications is an option
  • An application could be notified if it accesses the internet
  • Record network usage per application and per address
  • The light and dark material design theme

The following features are PRO:

  • Analyze outgoing traffic using PCAP files; log all outgoing traffic; search and filter access attempts. Allocate or block an individual address per application. Configure Guard directly from notification notifications.
  • The status bar should show a graph of network speed
  • You can choose from five additional themes in both light and dark versions. There is no other no-root firewall that has all these features. Technical Masterminds.com is an Official Website By Aman Lalani, where you can find new games, applications, and technology-related videos. A complete guide to technology. We post new articles each day on this website.


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